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Mustang Controls and Crown Alert now offer the Top Drive Anti-Collision System!!!

Mustang Controls provides an anti- collision system to work in conjunction with your Crown Alert Crown Saver and apply the brakes to avoid a collision. The anti-collision system provides an adjustable window of protection around the monkey board but still allows for a full range of movement when picking up from the mouse hole. The Anti-collision System can easily be added to your existing Crown Alert System and can be installed during a rig move.

Crown Alert is Sold & Serviced by Mustang Controls Ltd.

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Wayne Brown Rig Manager
Akita Drilling Rig 44UE
(6700 m capacity)
"When working with the blocks close to the crown, my eyes are focused on the drill string or the weight indicator. The buzzer alarm is a great way to know how close the blocks are to the crown. I know exactly how much room I have."

Loewen Woroschuk, Rig Manager
Jomax Drilling
"I love the Crown Alert system. I haven’t had a single service call in 8 years and no crown incidents."

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